When your Professional Football Career is our goal

Come join our family !

About Us


MGKSCOUTS is a Family and we see you as part of the Family. 

We work Hard to Scout players and expanding our network, the goal is to open as much opportunities as possible.  



  • football management is out profession, your professional football career is our Goal 
  • We believe in trust and we are not looking for adventures.
  • We work only with professional players, if we cannot see you play we will not illusionist you.
  • We work very thoroughly, and our reputation is above all else.
  • If you decide to contact us, we promise not to spam you with unnecessary players.
  • We want to understand the needs and answer the demand exactly.
  • There is no problem with collaboration with scouts and agents send us a message if you are interesting to hear more.  

Football player, Scout, talent

Our team

All the people in MGKSCOUTS are former Professional scouts.

Led by former Maccabi Haifa's Scout Gilad Wegerhoff.



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We love our Family, so feel free to contact us at any time!